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Various theories have been put forward about the origins of the name Glendinning, but we can be sure that the family was well established by the 13th Century in South West Scotland.  An extract from Douglas's Baronage of Scotland gives details of these early knights and their dealings with the Kings of Scotland at that time.  The main line listed by Douglas eventually dies out, but it has been suggested that Archibald Glendinning 3rd son of Sir Simon Glendinning and Elizabeth Lindsay was the progenitor of the Westerkirk line.  There are certainly a high proportion of Archibalds in this line from which Ian Archibald Glendinning the creator of this website is descended.

The Parish and Kirk of Staplegordon an article written in 1904 for the Hawick Archaeological Society gives further information about the connection of these Glendinning to the parishes of Staplegordon, Westerkirk and Langholm, from the 14th century onwards, and is reproduced here with their kind permission. This article again shows the close connection of the ancient Glendinning barons to the Earls of Douglas and the Scottish Royal Family on the one hand, and to the area of Westerkirk and Langholm in Dumfriesshire which was the birthplace of many generations of my ancestors as detailed in the Ancestry section of this site.

A Brief Memorial of a Notable Glendinning Family in Ireland has a history of one family's descent from settlers who came from Scotland in the early 17th century. Among their number is The Rt Hon Robert Graham Glendinning P.C., M.P. for County Antrim. This booklet reproduced here with the kind permission of Robert's great grandson Christopher Glendinning Miller