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Descendants of James GLENDINNING and Agnes LITTLE



1OPR, Langholm.
"Baptised 1772 Febry 2 John son to Jas. Glendining at Broomholm and Isabel Beattie his spouse, born 29th."

2Gravestone, Westerkirk.
"In Memory of John Glendining Tenant in Effgill who died on the 8th May 1812 age 40 years. Also Elizabeth Armstrong his spouse who died at Rigg 12 Aug 1853 Age 72 years also Jane his daughter who died the 18th of June 1825 age 22 years also William son of William Glendinning and Janet Dalgliesh who died at Winterhope-Head 9th June 1848 age 11 months and Elizabeth their daughter who died 21st May 1866 age 23 yrs also Janet Dalgliesh wife of the above William Glendinning who died 14th January 1896 age 88 yrs also John their son who died 7th April 1897 age 56 yrs also the above William Glendinning farmer of Winterhope-Head who died there 28th October 1897 age 88 yrs also of Janet Easton Glendinning daughter of the above who died at Langholm July 15th 1928 age 91 yrs."



1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1800 June 20th John Glendinning & Betty Armstrong both of this Parish gave in their names for proclamation in order to marriage & were married 1st July."

2Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 7 Sep 1853.
"at Rigg, Westerkirk on 12 August 1853 aged 72 Elizabeth Armstrong, relict of John Glendinning, Effgill."

3OPR, Westerkirk -.
"1853 Aug 17 Intd Mrs Glendinning from Rigg."


1OPR, Westerkirk_b_1802-03_GlendinningJean1802.jpg.
"1802 Augt 29th John Glendinning in Effgill had a daughter baptd named Jean born 24th do."

2OPR, Westerkirk.
"1825 June 21 Intd Jean Glendinning from Bentpath."


1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1822 April 5th Richard Johnstone Junior & Jean Glendinning both of this Parish gave in their names for proclamation & were married the 19th Do."

2OPR, Westerkirk.
"1795 Novr 25th Richd Johnstone in Westerker had a Son baptd named Richard born 21 Do."

3England and Wales Index to BMD, Penrith Q2 1890.
Age 91.

4Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 14 May 1890.
"Death at Hutton End, Penrith on the 3rd inst., Richard Johnstone, smith, aged 91 years -(late of Bankend, Westerkirk)."

"In memory of Elizabeth Newall Thomson wife of Richard Johnston, Hutton End who died May 21st 1880 aged 73 years. Also the above Richard Johnston who died May 3rd 1890 aged 91 years. Also of Elizabeth their daughter and second wife of William Weedy who died at Hutton End March 26th 1894 aged 50 years."


"1807 22d John Glendinning in Rigg had a Son baptd named Walter born 20th do."

2Statutory Register Scotland.
Age 78
Informant his nephew James D Glendinning.

3Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 3 Mar 1886.
"Death At Sorbie Cottage here, on the 27th ult., Walter Glendinning, lately farmer of Rowanburnfoot, aged 78 years."

4Confirmation of Estate.
"1886 GLENDINNING, Walter. 26 July.- Confirmation of Walter Glendinning, Sorbie Cottage, Langholm, Parish of Langholm, County of Dumfries, who died 27 February 1886, at Sorbie Cottage, testate, granted at Dumfries, to Elizabeth Hyslop or Glendinning, Sorbie Cottage aforesaid, his widow, Executrix nominated in Will or Deed, dated 12 April 1877, and recorded in Court Books of Commissariot of Dumfries, 23 July 1886. Value of Estate, £230, 13s. 7d."

5Gravestone, Staplegordon.
"In memory of Walter Glendinning who died at Sorbie Cottage, Langholm February 27th 1886 aged 78 years Also Elizabeth Hyslop wife of the above who died at Sorbie Cottage, Langholm 11th May 1903 in her 82nd year."

Elizabeth HYSLOP

1Newspaper Announcement, Carlisle Journal 3 Apr 1841.
"Marriage At Corner House, Cannobie, on Tuesday, the 23rd ult., Mr Walter Glendinning, to Miss Betty Hyslope."

2Statutory Register Scotland.
Age 81
Informant her nephew Simon Hyslop.

3Confirmation of Estate.
"1903 GLENDINNING. Elizabeth Hyslop or, Sorbie Cottage, Langholm, died 11 May 1903 at Sorbie Cottage aforesaid, intestate. Confirmation granted at Dumfries 24 July to Helen Scott Hyslop, Mount Gardens, Arkinholm Terrace, Langholm, her niece, Executrix dative qua next of kin. Value of estate £1,037.0.4."


1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1781 April 29th Peter Little in Nether Knock had a Daughter baptd named Janet."

2Statutory Register Scotland, d_Cowan_Murray_neeLittleJanet81_1863WesterkirkDFS.jpg.
"Death : 30 Jan 1863 Name : Janet Cowan, previously Murray. (Pauper) formerly Domestic Servant Widow of George Cowan Ag Labourer Died 1863 January Thirtieth 10h 0m. A.M. Nether Knock Parish of Westerkirk
Sex F. Age : 81
Parents: Peter Little Labourer (Deceased) and Helen Little M.S Thomson (Deceased) Cause of Death Natural Decay Informant : David Murray Son."

3Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 4 Feb 1863.
"Death At Knock, Westerkirk on 31 January 1863 aged 81, Janet Little, relict of George Cowan."


1OPR, Langholm.
"1774 Mar 6 James Son Lawful to James Glendining Tennent at Broomholm & Isabell Beattie his Spouse Born 5th."

2Gravestone, Streetsville.
"In memory of James Glendenning who died Feb 24 1852 aged 78 yrs."


Margaret IRVINE

1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1799 March 9th James Glendinning & Margt Irvine both of this Parish gave in their names in order to marriage were proclaimed thrice on Sabbath 10th & were married 11th do."

2Gravestone, Streetsville.
"In memory of Margaret wife of James Glendenning died 29 May 1856 aged 81 years 6 mo."

161. Margaret GLENDINNING

1OPR, Eskdalemuir.
"1812 Born March 27 Margt Daugr to Jas Glendinning & his wife & bapd by Mr Brown."

Robert SCOTT

1OPR, Westerkirk.
"2 Feb 1799 Robt Scott & Jean Glendinning both of this Parish gave in their names in order to marriage and were proclaimed thrice on Sabbath 3d do & were married 4th do."

165. James SCOTT

1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1799 April 20th Robt Scott in James Town had a Son baptd named James born 16th do."

166. John SCOTT

1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1801 Aug 30th Robt Scott in James Town had a Son baptd named John born 29th June."


"In Memory of William Glendinning who died 6 Dec 1851 aged 74 years."



1Newspaper Announcement, MorningTelegraph 5 Apr 1866 and St John Morning News 6 Apr 1866.
"Morning Telegraph
At Galloway, Richibucto, on the 1st March, Mary widow of the late William Glendinning, aged 88 years. The deceased was a native of Dumfrieshire, Scotland whence she imigrated to this Province with her husband and family in 1820. She leaves 6 children, 39 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchilden to mourn her loss. Her end was peace.

Morning News
d. Galloway, Richibucto (Kent Co.) 1st ult., Mary widow of William GLENDENNING, age 88. The deceased was a native of Dumfrieshire, Scotland whence she emigrated to this Province with her husband and family in 1820; left 6 children, 39 grandchildren, 13 great grandchilden."

2Gravestone Transcript.
"Mary wife of the late William Glendinning died Mar 1 , 1866, aged 88 y'rs. A native of Dumfreisshire Scotland.
Also her grandson William A Glendinning."


1OPR, Langholm Dumfries.
"1799 Apr 14. Ann daughter to Wm Glendinning & Mary Cairns. Born Apr 11th."

2Gravestone, Galloway NB.
"Annie eldest daughter of the late William Glendenning. Born at Langholm Dumfriesshire Scotland April 12 1799 Died at Galloway Richibucto, Dec 13, 1871."


1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1804 Aug 19th. William Glendinning in Glendinning had a daughter baptd named Mary born 18th."