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Descendants of James GLENDINNING and Agnes LITTLE



1Statutory Register Scotland.
Age 67
Informant his son Andrew Glendinning.

2Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 13 January 1868.
"Death at Over Cassock, Eskdalemuir on 3 November 1867 James Glendinning, farmer."

3Gravestone Transcript, Westerkirk.
See grandparents gravestone James Glendinning 1738-1810 Isabel Beattie 1737-1816.

Elizabeth BRYDON

1Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 6 Apr 1853.

2Gravestone Transcript, Westerkirk.
"In memory of ELIZABETH BRYDEN wife of James Glendinning in Overcassock who died there 1st March 1853 aged 53 years. Also of ARCHIBALD their eldest son who died at Overcassock 27th March 1858 in the 28th year of his age. And of two children MARY and ALEXANDER who died in infancy. Also ANDREW GLENDINNING their son who died at Overcassock 17th April 1903 aged 63 years."

3OPR, Westerkirk.
"1853 March 5 Intd Mrs Jas Glendinning from Upper Cassock."


1OPR, Eskdalemuir.
"1829 Born 3 June Mary daughter of James Glendinning Tenant Burncleugh & Elizabeth Brydon his wife bapts by Dr Brown."

341. Archibald GLENDINNING

1OPR, Eskdalemuir.
"1830 Born 10 Dec Archibald son of James Glendinning Tenant Burncleugh & Elizabeth Brydon his wife bapts by Dr Brown 25 March 1831."

2Statutory Register Scotland, Eskdalemuir 1858 824/00 0002.
Age 27
Informant his father James Glendinning.

3Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 5 May 1858.
"Death at Overcassock on 27 April 1858 aged 27 Archibald Glendinning, son of James Glendinning."


1Statutory Register Scotland, Eskdalemuir 1903 824/00 0004.
Age 63
Informant his nephew Andrew Glendinning.

2Confirmation of Estate.
"GLENDINNING, Andrew, farmer Over Cassock, Parish of Eskdalemuir, County of Dumfries, died 17 Apr 1903 at Over Cassock aforesaid. Testate. Inventory given up at Dumfries 4 Jun, by Mary Henderson or Glendinning at Over Cassock aforesaid, widow, Executrix nominated in Will or Deed, dated 9 Mar 1899 and recorded in Court Books of Commissariot of Dumfries, 4 Jun 1903. Value of estate £715."

347. Alexander GLENDINNING

1Newspaper Announcement, Dumfries and Galloway Standard 3 Feb 1847.
"Death on the 20th ult., Alexander, infant son of Mr James Glendining, Upper Cassock, Eskdalemuir."


1Newspaper Announcement, Wigtonshire Free Press and D&G Standard.
"Wigtonshire Free Press Deaths:
GLENDINNING, Andrew - D 7/12/1847 - At Over Cassock, parish of Eskdalemuir, on the 7th inst,. Mr Andrew Glendinning, farmer there, suddenly, aged 47 years. He has left a widow and six children to lament their sad bereavement
Dumfries and Galloway Standard 15 Dec 1847
At Glendarg, in the parish of Eskdalemuir, on the 7th instant, very suddenly, Andrew Glendinning, farmer there, aged 45 years. No death in this part has created such a sensation for many years. He was in the prime of life, and the father of a large family, highly respected for his ability as a farmer, his virtue and piety."

"In memory of Andrew Glendinning, Joint Tenant in Overcassock who died at Glendarg on the 7th December 1847 aged 45 years. Also of Violet Beattie his wife who died at Glendarg on the 22nd January 1889 aged 78 years. Also of James Glendinning, Accountant in the Clydesdale Bank, Lockerbie fifth and youngest son of the above born at Glendarg 11th January 1848 died there 23rd June 1875."

"Westerkirk -
1847 Dec 11 Intd Andrew Glendinning from Upper Cassock."


1OPR, Eskdalemuir.
"Born 11 Jul 1810 Veilot Daugr. to John Beattie & his wife & bapt. by Mr Brown."

2Statutory Register Scotland.
"Violet Glendinning, (Widow of Andrew Glendinning, Farmer); d. 1889 January 22nd. Glendearg, Eskdalemuir; Age 78 years; Fa. John Beattie, Landed Proprietor (Deceased); Mo. Christina Beattie M.S. Laidlaw (Deceased); Informant, Archd. Glendinning, Son (Present)."

3Newspaper Announcement, Dumfries & Galloway Standard 26 Jan 1889.
"On the 23d instant, at Glendearg, Eskdalemuir, Violet Beattie, widow of Andrew Glendinning, aged 78 years."

4Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 30 Jan 1889.
"Death At Glendearg, Eskdalemuir, on the 22nd inst., Violet Beattie, widow of the late Andrew Glendinning, aged 78."


1Statutory Index Scotland, Kilmartin 1916 521 6.
Age 75
Mother's maiden surname Beattie.

2Confirmation of Estate, 1916.
"GLENDINNING, John, Arichamish, Ford, Kilmartin, Argyllshire, died 4 May 1916, at Arichamish aforesaid, testate. Confirmation granted at Dunoon, 5 Sep, to Andrew Glendinning, Farmer, Glenoe, Taynuilt, and George Grieve, Farmer, West Buccleuch, Hawick, Executors nominated in Will or Deed, dated 2 Oct 1915, and recorded with another Writ in Court Books of Commissariot of Argyll, 28 Aug 1916. Value of Estate, £2,411.5.4."

3Gravestone Transcript, Kilmartin Argyll.
"In Loving Memory of JOHN GLENDINNING, Farmer, (Native of Eskdalemuir, Dumfries Shire) who died at Arichamish on 14th May 1916 aged 75 years
Also his nephew JAMES GLENDINNING, Arichamish died 29th Jan 1968 aged 71 years. Last surviving son of William & Jeannie Glendinning, Bardrishaig, Luing."


1Newspaper, Glasgow Herald 22 Nov 1892.
County Council Elections.

2Statutory Index Scotland, Muckairn 1918 529 1.
Age 72.

3Confirmation of Estate.
"1918 GLENDINNING, Andrew, Farmer, Glenoe, Taynuilt, died 31 Dec 1917, at Glenoe aforesaid, testate. Confirmation granted at Dunoon, 2 April, to John Dalgleish, Achnacarron, Kilchrenan, Argyllshire, George Grieve, West Buccleuch, Hawick, and John Glendinning, Nether Cassock, Langholm, Executors nominated in Will or Deed, dated 11 Oct 1917, and recorded in Court Books of Commissariot of Argyll, 25 March 1918. Value of Estate, £4957.14.4."

"In Memory of my husband Andrew Glendinning who died at Glenoe on 31st December 1917 aged 72 years
And of Jeannie Laidlaw, wife of above, who died at Annat Cottage, Kilchrennan 6th July 1931 aged 78 years."


1Statutory Index Scotland, Ettrick 1874 774/B 3.

2Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 15 Apr 1874.
"Marriage at Annelshope, Ettrick on 3 April 1874 Andrew Glendinning, Glendearg to Jeanie Laidlaw, youngest daughter of John Laidlaw, farmer, Annelshope - Rev John Falconer."

3Statutory Register Scotland, Kilchrenan and Dalavich 1931 517 3.
Age 79
Mother's maiden surname Laidlaw.

4Confirmation of Estate.
"1931 GLENDINNING, Jeanie (or Jeannie) Laidlaw or, late of Annat (otherwise Annet) Cottage, Kilchrenan, Taynuilt, Argyll, and sometime of Glenoe there, died 6 July 1931 at Kilchrenan, testate. Confirmation Dunoon, 26 August, to John Dalgliesh, Caolas, Connel, & Walter Alexander Forsyth, 23 Glasgow Road, Paisley, Executors. Will dated 22 March 1921 recorded with other Writs Dunoon 22 August 1931. Value of Estate, £5774: 9: 2."

5Confirmation of Estate, England.
"1931 LAIDLAW or GLENDINNING Jeanie otherwise Jeannie of Annat Cottage Kilchrennan Taynuilt Argyllshire died 6 July 1931 Confirmation of John Dalglish and Walter Alexander Forsyth. Sealed London 11 September."


1Statutory Register Scotland.
Age 27
Informant A Glendinning his brother.

2Confirmation of Estate.
"1876 GLENDINNING, James. 31 March.- Confirmation of James Glendinning, Glendearg, Eskdalemuir, who died 23 June 1875, at Glendearg, intestate, granted at Dumfries, to Archibald Glendinning, Glendearg aforesaid, Executor dative qua next of kin. Value of Estate, £286, 4s. 5d.
Inventory states
James Glendinning sometime of 28 Elmore Street, Islington afterwards Accountant in the Clydesdale Bank, Lockerbie and lately residing at Glendearg, Eskdalemuir died 23 Jun 1875. Inventory dated 22 Mar 1876."

125. Archibald GLENDINNING

1Statutory Register Scotland.
Age 70
Informant his son Archibald from Govan.

2Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 21 Mar 1877.
"Deaths at New-Well Road, Moffat on 5 March 1877, aged 70 Archibald Glendinning, fourth son of the late Archibald Glendinning, farmer, Over Cassock."


1Statutory Register Scotland, Carsphairn 1858 860 2.
Age 50
Surnames Nichol and Glendinning
Mother's maiden surname Little
Record seen. Died aged 50. Informant her husband.

355. Archibald GLENDINNING

1Newspaper, Caledonian Mercury 12 May 1851.

2Statutory Register Scotland, Blythswood 1908 644/10 412.
Age 76
Informant his brother-in-law Thomas Hamilton.


1Statutory Register Scotland, d_GlendinningMary79_1913PartickLKS.jpg.
Age 79
Informant Isabella Hamilton (her sister).

126. Alexander GLENDINNING

1Newspaper, Toronto Globe Wed 31 Mar 1875.

2OPR, Eskdalemuir.
"1807 Born Decemr 23 Alexr Son to Archd Glendinning & his wife & bapd by Mr Brown."

"Alexr Glendinning A native of Dumfriesshire Scotland Born Decr 23rd 1807 Died Octr 25th 1888
Margarte Park a native of Dumfriesshire Scotland, wife of Alexr Glendinning died June 1st 1845 aged 33 years."

Margaret PARK

1OPR, Eskdalemuir.
"1812 Born July 24 Margt Daugr to Willm Park & his wife & bapd by Mr Brown."

2Gravestone Transcript, Eskdalemuir, Dumfries -.
"Erected to the memory of William Park died at Halmains 5th June, 1843 aged 55 years. Also William his son who died in infancy. Also Janet Laidlaw his relict who died at Durham, County of Grey, Canada West 26th April, 1861 aged 68 years. Margaret Park their oldest daughter and wife of Alexander Glendinning died at Scarborough, Canada. Also Rev. William Park their 2nd son who was Minister of the Gospel at Durham, Canada and died there."

3Gravestone Transcript, Watford Municipal Cemetery, Warwick Twp. -.
"Margaret Park A Native of Dumfriesshire Scotland Wife of Alex'r Glendinning Died June 1st 1845 Aged 33 Years."

4Newspaper Announcement, Dumfries and Galloway Standard 16 Jul 1845.
"Death - At Scarborough, Upper Canada, on the 1st ult., Margaret Park wife of Alexander Glendinning, late of Holmains, Dalton, and daughter of Mr William Park, for a short time of the Standard Office, Dumfries."

5Gravestone Transcript, Watford Municipal Cemetery, Warwick Twp. -.
"Margaret Park A Native of Dumfriesshire Scotland Wife of Alex'r Glendinning Died June 1st 1845 Aged 33 Years."


1Newspaper Announcement, Lethbridge News 9 Oct 1895.
"GLENDINNING - At Lethbridge, on Saturday, October 5th, Miss Mary Glendinning, aged about 60."

2Gravestone, Watford Cemetery, Warwick.
"In Memory of Mary Glendinning who died In Lethbridge Alberta Oct 5, 1895 aged 63 years
A Native of Dumfriesshire Scotland
Her Last Message to her Absent Sister Was, I am Dying, Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ

365. Archibald GLENDINNING

1Newspaper Announcement, Watford Guide-Advocate 8 Nov 1889.
Mr. Archie Glendenning, only Son of the late Alexander Glendenning, died at the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr. Wm. Bryce, fourth line, on Saturday night. The deceased had been in poor health for some time, and his death was not unexpected. The remains were interred in the Watford Cemetery on Monday, the service being conducted by the Rev. R. Hay

[Note the surname is incorrectly written. It should be Glendinning]."

"Archd Glendinning Son of Alexr & Margaret Glendinning Born Decr 21st 1834 Died Novr 2nd 1889."
On reverse of parents stone.

Malcolm Smith CAMPBELL

"CAMPBELL Malcolm S. 1845 - 1930 Georgina 1844 - 1931."


1Newspaper Announcement, Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser 22 Sep 1875.
"at Durham, County of Grey, Ontario on 19 August 1875 Alex Glendinning, formerly of North Cassock. Eskdalemuir to Mrs Jane Davidson Paterson, widow of the late "Laird of Bonny Braes", Streetsville, Ontario - Rev William Park."


1OPR, Eskdalemuir.
"1809 born Septr 10 David Son to Adam Brydon & his wife & baptd by Mr Brown."

2Gravestone Transcript, New Hope Hespeler Cemetery.
"In memory of David Brydon who died Mar 1 1891 aged 81 ys 5 ms & 19ds In memory of Janet Glendenning wife of David Brydon who died Feb 21 1889 aged 78 ys 9 ms & 9 ds natives of Dumfriesshire Scotland."
Section B 19.15 7-9-12B.

371. Mary Glendinning BRYDON

1Gravestone Transcript, Section B 19.16.
"In memory of Mary Glendenning 1841 - 1918 daughter of David & Janet Brydon."

374. Jennie Park BRYDON

1Gravestone Transcript, Section B 19.14 West.
"Jennie Park born Feb 9, 1846 died Jan 2 1897 daughter of David & Janet Brydon."

375. Adam BRYDON

1Gravestone Transcript, Section B 19.14 East.
"Adam 1847 - 1906 son of David & Janet Brydon."

376. James BRYDON

1Gravestone, New Hope Hespeler Cemetery.
"In loving memory of Annie L Davidson beloved wife of James Brydon died Sept. 4, 1933 in her 82nd year. James Brydon died Feb. 23, 1939 in his 88th year. At rest."

128. James D THOMSON

1Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 392.
"James D Thomson died Mar. 26, 1867 aged 77 yrs 10 ms."


1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1794 June 29th Robt Johnstone in Glendinning had a daughter baptd named Isobel born 26th do."

2Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 391.
"Isbel wife of James D. Thomson died Aug. 11, 1854, ae 60 years. Jennet daughter of Jas. D. & Isbel Thomson, died March 12, 1819, ae 6 mo. & 12 d’s. Also infant, son of the same died July 9 1817."

129. Andrew D THOMSON

1Gravestone, Bendale 446.
"In memory of Andrew D Thomson of Westerkirk Dumfries Scotland settled in Scarboro in 1799 died July 27 1854 ae 64 yr."


1Gravestone, Bendale 445.
"In memory of Helen Thomson beloved wife of James S. Palmer died Nov. 19 1894 aged 73 years. Also her mother Claracy Thomson died Jan. 28 1888 aged 88 years."

130. Isabella THOMSON

1Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 379.
"Sacred to the memory of Isabella Thomson wife of Peter Little native of Westerkirk Dumfrisshire Scotland who died August 15 1872 ae 79 yrs 7 mos & 7 dys My mother dear has gone to rest. Her trials all are ore. She's gone to lean on Jesus brest. Her saviour to adore."


1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1796 Augt 28 Thos Little in Netherknock had a son bapt named Peter born 18th do."

2Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 379.
"Peter Little who died July 12 1847 aged 51 years a native of Dumfrisshire Scotland My father's gone to regions bright. His body here lies cold. His happy soul in now in light. And Jesus doth behold."

131. Richard D THOMSON

1Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 431.
"Richd. D. Thomson died Feb. 22, 1878, aged 83 y’rs 4 mo’s. Native of Dumfries Shire Scotland."

Harriet SMITH

1Gravestone Transcript.
"In memory of Harriet Smith wife of Richd. D. Thomson died May 17, 1881 aged 81 y'rs 5 mo's native of Utica N.Y."

132. Archibald D THOMSON

1Gravestone, Bendale 386.
"In memory of Archibald D Thomson died Dec'r 27 1877 aged 81 y'rs 4 mo's & 26 d's also Hannah Walton wife of the above died April 11 1886 aged 84 y'rs 3 mos 7 d's."

133. David D THOMSON

1Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 378.
"David D. Thomson, died Oct. 12. 1852. ae. 54 yrs."
Either date of death on this stone, or of birth calculated for an infant on stone 376, is wrong.


1Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 378a.
"In memory of Mary beloved wife of David Thomson ............ who departed this life Sept. 1, 22 ae 44 yrs 5 mos."
Stone attached to that of David D Thomson, and is broken.

419. infant THOMSON

1Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 376.
"An infant son of David D & Mary Thomson March 14 1854 ae 2 weeks and 4 days."
Date of birth of this infant nearly 18 months after supposed father died. Also mother Mary thought to have died in 1822.

Rebecca FORFAR

1Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 378b.
"In memory of Rebecca wife of David D Thomson who died June 24 1863 ae 58 ys 6 mo."

134. Janet THOMSON

1Gravestone, Bendale 212.
"In memory of Janet wife of Andrew Johnstone who dies Jan. 11, 1862 aged 61 yrs 7 mo & 21 d's."


1OPR, Westerkirk.
"1796 Sept 11th Robert Johnstone in Jas Town had a son baptd named Andrew born 10th do."

2Gravestone Transcript, Bendale 212.
"In memory of Janet wife of Andrew Johnston who died Jan 11 1862 ae 61 yrs 7 mo 24 ds In memory of Andr Johnston who died Sept 3 1868 ae 71 yrs 11 mos 26 dys."